How Do You Install Daytime Running Lights?

To install daytime running lights, insert the wire in the bracket and mount it. You can attach the bracket anywhere if it is a universal fit daytime running light; however, a lower bumper is recommended.

After mounting, lock the daytime running light on the bracket. Connect the wires and direct them up, close to the fuse box. Tie the wires to the bumper using zip-ties. Locate the ACC in your fuse box and tap the red wire into it.

To find the ACC spot, use an electronic meter and clamp the black wire to the negative part of the battery or a ground object. Put the tester pen into the open fuse box in any free space. Note the points where the tester pen does not light up. With the engine on, test on the spots that did not light up. The ACC spot is the one that lights up only when the engine is on.

After you locate the ACC spot, you can now tap the red wires to the blade of the fuse and attach it back. Tap the black wire to the negative of the battery. For safety, you can add an inline fuse to the positive wire for the LED light.