How Do You Install CV Boots?


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To install CV boots, first secure the vehicle on a level surface, lift the front of the vehicle with a hydraulic jack, and remove the front wheels before inspecting the CV boot assembly for damage. Mark the axle for reference and then remove the CV joint axle assembly. Disassemble the joint axle assembly and slide the new boot onto the shaft before reinstalling the assembly on the vehicle.

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Upon removing the CV joint axle assembly from the vehicle, use a bench vise to separate the CV joint from the shaft and remove the CV boot clamps. Remove the old or damaged CV boot from the outer CV joint and use a rubber mallet to knock the CV joint off the axle shaft. Once the original CV boot is off, clean the surface of the CV joint and replace the grease before sliding the new CV boot onto the shaft. Before tightening the inner clamp to set the new boot in place, install a new retaining clip.

When reassembling the CV joint axle assembly, pay close attention to the order in which the original disassembly took place. By marking the axle for reference when disassembling the vehicle's axle assembly, you can ensure that you install the new assembly in an identical position.

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