How Do You Install Custom Truck Mud Flaps?

How Do You Install Custom Truck Mud Flaps?

Install custom mud flaps by first making sure there is enough space in the wheel wells. Clean the mounting surface and connect the mud flaps to the mounting holes.

The steps required to install mud flaps are basically the same, no matter the vehicle or mud flap brand. Mud flaps are sold online or at the dealership.

  1. Test the mud flaps for a proper fit
  2. Make sure there is enough clearance on all sides in the wheel wells and the flaps should not rub anywhere.

  3. Clean the wheel well
  4. Give the wheel wells a thorough cleaning before beginning installation. Use a degreaser to remove any dirt and grime.

  5. Use the factory-drilled mounting holes
  6. Check to see if the vehicle has pre-drilled holes. If so, loosely hang the mud flaps and make sure they are parallel to the ground. If there are no holes, line up the mud flaps, mark where the holes need to be and drill the necessary holes.

  7. Double check
  8. Ensure that the flaps are parallel to the ground and even before tightening them. If so, tighten up the screws.

Longer mud flaps usually have a more screws than shorter ones, but the installation is basically the same. Some companies manufacture drill-less mud flaps, but they only fit a very limited amount of vehicles.