How Do You Install a CURT Trailer Hitch?


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To install a Curt trailer hitch, park the car, jack it up, and assemble the hitch before attaching it to the frame with bolts. Make the electrical connections, if necessary, and test them before heading onto the road.

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How Do You Install a CURT Trailer Hitch?
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A person can attach Curt hitch mounts almost anywhere, and installation requires only a couple of basic hand tools. Before installation can occur, it is important to set the parking brake, block the wheels, and jack up the vehicle to allow for clearance. Assemble the hitch, but do not tighten the bolts, as they must connect to the frame.

Some vehicles have holes in the frame where an individual can place a hitch mount, but if not, drill holes into the frame. To determine how far apart to place the holes, use the hitch as a template. It is important that the holes are no wider than 1/16-inch, or the bolts may not hold. Before bolting the hitch to the frame, secure it with a couple of C-clamps to ensure it is in the right place. This also helps to keep the hitch in place for bolting.

Once the hitch is in place, bolt it, making sure that the bolts are tight and secure. Connect the electrical wires for turn signals and brake lights before completing installation.

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