How Do You Install Control Arm Bushings?


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To install control arm bushings, remove the front wheels, remove the lower control arm, take off the old control arm bushings, insert new bushings in the place of the old ones, and reassemble the removed parts. Support the car with jacks before attempting this task.

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To remove the wheels, remove the hubcaps, and loosen the nuts that secure the wheel in place with a wrench, and jack up the front part of the car. Once the car is securely jacked, detach the nuts, and remove the wheels. Follow up by wrenching out the sway bar drop link nuts and the rear control arm bushing bracket bolts. Loosen and remove the inner and outer ball joint bolts.

Detach the lower control arm from the car, taking care not to tamper with its adjustment. Mark the position of an eccentric in case the arm has one. Once the lower control arm is off, take off the bushings. To do this, detach the steel brackets off the arm, cut and bend the control arm bushing steel ring, and hit the bushings from the brackets with a hammer.

Once the old control arm bushings are removed, attach the new bushings to the brackets with a shop press, taking care that the two are aligned properly, and immediately heat and apply a liquid dish soap as a lubricant. Insert the bushings into the control arm, and reattach all the parts.

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