How Do You Install Coilovers?

How Do You Install Coilovers?

To install coilovers, raise the vehicle from the ground, open its hood, and detach its wheel, brake line bracket, tire and lower strut bolts. Detach the strut from the strut tower, and bolt the suspension appropriately to all the wheel wells. Replace the brake line bracket.

Begin installing a coilover by parking the vehicle on an even surface. Raise the vehicle using a car lift or a jack so that the working height is comfortable, and ensure that the car is level. To do this, measure the distance between the wheel hub's center and the fender well. This distance should be equal for all the wheels. Position the front tires toward the right to gain better access to the wheel well on the driver's side.

After detaching the car's tire and wheel, open the car's hood, and detach the brake line's bracket with a 12-millimeter wrench. To undo the lower strut bolts, apply adequate force, and work with a hammer. Next, bring the car down so that the wheel well beneath the hood is easily accessible.

Now, undo the three bolts that secure the strut to the strut tower's top using a 14-millimeter wrench. After completely detaching the strut, ensure that it falls via the top hole of the strut without damaging the brake lines.

When installing the suspension or coilover, align it with the lower hole of the bolt near the wheel well, and secure it using a bolt. Align the top bolt's arrow near the wheel to the required camber. Use a wrench to tighten the bolts to a torque of 130 pounds. Repeat the procedure for the wheel wells at the car's rear and passenger sides.