How Do You Install a Code Alarm Remote in Your Vehicle?


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To install a code alarm remote, take all fuses out of the wire harness. Install the wires in the following order: siren, main feed, switched feed, ground and starter interrupt. Next, attach the wires for the door pin switches, illuminated entry, parking lights, hood and trunk pin switch and power door locks. Install the status indicator, trunk release and auxiliary output, auxiliary outputs one and two, impact detector and armed output wires.

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Install the siren wire by attaching the first siren wire to the orange wire and the second to a 12-volt source. Attach the main feed wire to the vehicle's battery or ignition switch harness. Connect the switched feed 12-volt lead to the ignition switch harness. Place the ground wire on the metal of the vehicle's chassis.

Attach the starter interrupter to the vehicle starter. Determine if the system is positive or negative before installing the door pin switches. For illuminated entry, connect the wire to the door pin switch and, if it is a positive system, connect the second wire to a 12-volt charge. If negative, connect it to the ground wire.

Connect the parking light wire to the target wire and the second wire to a 12-volt charge or the ground wire. Connect the hood and trunk pin switch wire and attach the power door lock wires. Connect the status indicator on the dashboard. Connect the black wire to the gray wire and the red wire to a 12-volt source.

Install the first trunk release wire to the target wire and the second to a 12-volt source if positive and the ground if negative. Install the auxiliary outputs according to the polarity. Place the impact detector on the steering column and plug it into the sensor port. Install the armed output to the ground wire.

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