How Do You Install a Clutch?


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Before installing a clutch, be sure to park the car on flat ground. Use a car jack, a wrench, working gloves, a replacement clutch and lubricant to complete this task. Old rags are also handy.

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Start by raising the car with the jack. To remove the old clutch, first access it by detaching the transaxle from the car. To do this, wear the gloves, detach the battery's positive cable and the clutch cable, and loosen the flywheel bell housing bolts with the wrench before dislodging the transaxle from its position. Once the transaxle is off, wrench out the bolts securing the pressure plate in its place, detach the clutch from the car, and set it aside. If needed, detach the flywheel from the car, and repair it or fix in a new flywheel, taking care to clean the crankshaft flange by wiping it with the rags. Additionally, lubricate the flywheel before replacement.

Next, set the new clutch in position, attach the transaxle and the bolts back in place, and reattach the battery and clutch cables. Then, remove the car jack, and test drive the car. If the new clutch does not function properly, fix any defects as needed to complete the process.

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