How Do You Install a Civic Turbo Kit?


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The process of installing a Honda Civic turbo kit involves attaching the turbo and manifold, preparing the vacuum lines and oil feed, installing heat protection for brake and electrical lines, mounting the turbo and installing the intercooler and then installing the intake pipe. Installation steps may differ from one turbo kit to the next, so always refer to the manufacturer's instructions prior to beginning the process.

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After clocking the turbo, mount it to the manifold using the supplied hardware, and double-check to ensure all mating surfaces are properly tightened. Install the boost control solenoid to the vacuum hose, and then drop the vehicle's sub-frame and remove the motor's intake, header and exhaust. Test fit the turbo and manifold to ensure proper position, alignment and fit and ensure there are no wires near enough to suffer heat damage from the turbo or down pipe. Wrap the wires, brake lines and other heat-sensitive components with gold foil.

Mount the turbo and manifold to the engine block before removing the front bumper and installing the intercooler. Fit and mount the charge pipes, and install the intake tube. Inspect all pipes, fitting and mounts to verify proper installation before re-installing the intake, header, exhaust and any other components removed during the installation.

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