How Do You Install Chevrolet Replacement Seats?


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To install Chevrolet replacement seats, begin by unbolting and removing the existing seats. Some Chevrolet models may require the removal and reinstallation of seat belt buckles, straps and pretensioners as well. Ensure replacement seats have the proper dimensions and mounting points before beginning the installation process.

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Remove any seat belts and connecting hardware that attach to the existing seats or that may interfere with the removal and installation process. Auto seats have a pair of rails that attach to the floor of the vehicle with a series of mounting bolts. Use a socket or crescent wrench of the appropriate size to remove these bolts. Inspect each bolt and all seat belt components for signs of damage, and replace any hardware that shows obvious signs of wear.

After removing the original seats from the vehicle's interior, position the replacement seats so that the rails line up with the mounting points. Refer to the owner's manual or other documentation to determine the proper torque specifications for the mounting bolts before reinstalling them. Test all levers and seat positions to ensure proper fitting, installation and operation. Reinstall the seat belt mounts, pretensioners and other connective hardware according to the manufacturer's specifications, and ensure the seat belts are properly fitted and able to function.

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