How Do You Install a CD Changer in Your Car?


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To install a CD changer in your car unplug the car battery, decide on where you want to install the changer, determine the hook up source, choose the mounting hardware, and locate the cabling path. Mount the changer, connect it to the battery, and fix it to the car stereo.

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Ensure that you remove the car key from the ignition and read your owner's car manual before starting the project. Determine the installation location, which may be under the car seat or in the car trunk. Choose a location that allows you to easily hide all the necessary cables. Decide how to hook up the CD changer, and mount additional output jacks if your car has limited jacks.

After locating the pathway for the cables and CD changer's power cord, check to see if the car audio system has an existing CD changer interface, and if not, purchase an interface from your auto supplies shop. Install the new changer, and use a screwdriver to fasten the mounting hardware to the vehicle. Choose between the mounting hardware that comes along with the changer or Velcro straps, which may be necessary if you don't want to alter the vehicle's unit. Be sure to hide the cables and the power cord under the carpeting.

Strip off a quarter of an inch on both terminals of the power cord, connect one terminal to the CD changer, and clamp the other end to the positive output of the battery. Use audio cables to connect the changer to the car stereo. Connect the battery, insert the key in the ignition, and test the system..

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