How Do You Install a Car Window?

How Do You Install a Car Window?

To install a car window, press the window controls until the window is fully down, take out the window's weatherstrip, remove the window crank and the handle bezel from the door, detach the trim panel, and disconnect the electrical connectors. Then, affix the window regulator, slide the window glass in the opening, and secure it in place. Finally, reassemble the components of the door.

After pressing the window controls, disconnect the battery's negative cable. Open the door of the vehicle, hold the weatherstrip at one end toward the door's outer edge from the window opening of the door, and pull it off.

Remove the screws that secure the handle bezel of the door, and use a screwdriver with a flat head to pry it off. Remove the retaining clip to detach the window crank. Then, unscrew the trim panel's retaining screws, push the panel up to remove its retaining clips, and tug it off the door. Disconnect the connectors, remove the water shield, and take out the speakers.

To affix the window regulator, bring its sides together, slide it upward via the door, unfold, and twist it in place. If the regulator's motor is to be installed, position it on the cable housing, and secure it using bolts. Attach the regulator to the door using bolts.

To install the car window, position the glass over the door's opening, and slide it in the door. If possible, insert the glass from the door's bottom, and push it down inside the regulator. Secure the glass in the regulator using bolts.

Reconnect the components beneath the trim panel, screw the panel in place, and replace the window crank, handle bezel and weatherstrip. Test for proper installation using the power window controls.