How Do You Install a Car Wallpaper?


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To install wallpaper in a vehicle, you will need a blank USB drive loaded with photos you wish to display in your vehicle. Some vehicles allow you to upload as many as 200 or more pictures. Insert the USB in to the port in your car, select Menu and follow the prompts.

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When uploading photos to your vehicle's touch screen, you can add photos to the ones already uploaded by selecting Display from the menu and then choosing Edit Wallpaper. When your files appear, select the ones you wish to upload to the vehicle and click Add. Once you have uploaded all the files you want to use, choose the picture you want displayed and press Save. The picture is now set as the background in your vehicle.

You must upload wallpaper files from the USB drive's root directory, not a folder, and the files must be in BMP or JPEG format. Files can be between 2 MB and 6 MB, depending on the vehicle. Allowed pixel amounts range from 1,700 on the high end to 200 on the lower end.

USB drives in vehicles are located in the center console or near cup holders on the center dash. The vehicle needs to be on, but not running, to download photos for your wallpaper.

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