How Do You Install a Car Roof Rack?


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To install a car roof rack, assemble the rack according to the instructions, and position it appropriately on the car's roof. Affix the rack to the car's roof using mounting screws, and finally stick the no-slip strips.

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Before installing the car roof rack, clean the roof of the vehicle with water and soap and towel it dry. To assemble the roof rack, place the two crossbars on the ground horizontally. Lay the two side rails perpendicular to the crossbars and in alignment with their sides. Now, gently push in the side rails into the crossbars' tracks, and secure them by turning the knobs located the at the ends of the rails.

Using a measuring tape for accuracy, position the rack on the car's roof such that it is centered. Mark where the mounting screws are to be drilled on the car's roof. To do this, drill through the mounting holes on the side rails just enough to make a shallow dent in the roof. Then remove the roof rack and drill further into the marked points. Place the rack back on the roof appropriately and screw it into position with the mounting screws.

Finally, adhere the no-slip strips to the car roof between the crossbars. Ensure that the strips are evenly spaced.

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