How Do You Install a Car Medallion?


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Install a car medallion by thoroughly cleaning the area where the old medallion was located, using tape to mark off the area where you want the new medallion and applying the new medallion to the area. Hold the emblem steadily and securely in place on the car for a few minutes, as the adhesive takes some time to cure.

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If the car still has an old medallion that requires removal, loosen the old adhesive by gently blowing hot air on the area using a blow dryer. Do not operate the blow dryer at a very high temperature, and always keep the blow dryer at least 3 inches from the vehicle, as overheating the paint can damage the car's finish. After a few minutes, use a thin plastic spatula or putty knife to remove the old medallion. Wear thick gloves when removing the old medallion, as the car's surface will be very hot.

After removing the old emblem, use an adhesive remover to clean all of the old glue off the area. Removing the glue fully may take several applications of adhesive remover depending on how strong the adhesive was and how long it was on the vehicle. Once you remove all of the old adhesive, use ordinary household rubbing alcohol to remove any residual dirt or grease before moving forward with the installation.

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