How Do You Install a Car Battery?

How Do You Install a Car Battery?

To install a car battery, turn the engine off, and open the hood. Remove the old battery, and undo the wiring. Place the new battery on the platform, fix it in place with grips, and attach wires appropriately.

  1. Detach the old battery

    Turn the engine off, and open the hood of the car. Detach the black cable that is linked to the negative terminal. Loosen up the nut of the cable connector, and then pry it out by pulling the wire. Do not use a screwdriver or a ply bar, which may damage the terminal of the battery. Repeat the same procedure with the red wire that is linked to the positive terminal.

  2. Remove the old battery

    Using a wrench, remove the battery clamp above the battery. Put your hands at the bottom of the battery to lift it out. Be careful with your grip, because batteries are heavy and filled with acid. After lifting, clean the tray with cleaning liquid.

  3. Place the new battery

    Clean the battery connectors with a brush. Put the new battery on the tray, and reattach the battery clamp. Fix both of the wire connections on the respective battery terminals, and tighten the screws, Make sure that the clamps are a perfect fit and the connections do not move at all.

  4. Complete the installation

    Turn the engine on, and leave it running for a couple of minutes so the battery's cells can charge. Test the battery by turning on the headlamps and honking the horn. If everything is working okay, close the hood.