How Do You Install a Camper on a Truck?


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Jack up the camper shell, back the truck underneath, lower the shell, install the brackets and attach the tie-down and turnbuckle assembly to install a camper on a pickup truck. The type and number of securing mounts may vary between truck models. The process requires a five-person team to accomplish the task safely.

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Use four jacks, one on each corner of the camper, to raise it high enough for the pickup bed to fit underneath. Raise the camper slowly and evenly by alternating lifts between corners with a separate person manning each jack. Slowly back the pickup underneath the camper. Keep the truck centered under the camper, and have your helpers watch so that you don't hit one of the jacks.

When the truck bed is positioned correctly, begin lowering the camper. Start from the rear by releasing the two back jacks simultaneously followed by the front. Walk the camper down slowly, alternating drops from back to front. Remove the jacks once the camper is resting fully on the truck bed.

Install the brackets underneath your truck just behind the driver and passenger doors. Mount the smaller brackets to each side of the back bumper. Bolt the crossbar under the truck bed, and mount its brackets on both ends using the mounting pins.

Attach the tie-downs and turnbuckles to the camper and each bracket. Secure the straps firmly so the springs in the turnbuckles hold the camper shell in place.

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