How Do You Install Brake Pads?

How Do You Install Brake Pads?

How Do You Install Brake Pads?

To install a brake pad, remove the wheel and brake caliper, and replace any old pads with new ones. Reconfigure the compression of the brake piston with a C-clamp against the back of the caliper.

  1. Loosen the lug bolts

    Use a lug wrench to loosen the lug bolts of the wheel.

  2. Place the car on jack stands

    Lift the car, and secure it on jack stands.

  3. Remove each wheel

    Remove the lug bolts from the wheel, and remove the wheel altogether.

  4. Remove the bolts from the brake caliper

    Use a socket wrench with a hex bit or a hex wrench to remove the two bolts on the backside of the caliper.

  5. Hang the caliper safely

    Secure a bungee cord to a suspension component near the wheel, and secure the caliper to the bungee cord.

  6. Remove the old pads

    Set aside the metal clips that hold the old pads in, and remove the pads.

  7. Install the new pads

    Replace any old pads with the new ones, and move the metal clips back into place.

  8. Secure the C-clamp

    Place the flat side of the clamp against the back side of the caliper. Place the other side of the clamp against the piston.

  9. Tighten the clamp

    Turn the screw of the clamp slowly, and wait for the piston to move enough so the caliper slides over the brake pad easily.

  10. Re-bolt the caliper

    Remove the clamp and bungee cord, and then return the bolts to the caliper.

  11. Test the brake pressure

    Press on the brake pedal to test the pressure.

  12. Return the wheel

    Replace the wheel. Tighten the lug bolts, and then return the vehicle to ground level.