How Do You Install Bosch Wiper Blades?

Installing Bosch wiper blades requires removing the older parts from the vehicle, measuring the blades and clipping them in. The task requires only a few minutes, and it is relatively simple to complete.

Bosch windshield wipers all have printed instructions on the back of the packaging. These instructions explain in detail how to safely remove and replace the wipers.

  1. Measure the old wipers
  2. Use measuring tape to determine how long the replacement blades needs to be.
  3. Prop up the wiper arms
  4. Turn the car on to position the wipers into mid-swing. Quickly shut the car off, and lift the wipers up from the windshield.
  5. Release the old blades
  6. Press down on the tab and release the old blades from the wiper arms. Set the bare wiper arms on a rag on top of the windshield
  7. Fit the new blade
  8. Install the new blade onto the wiper arm and test them out.