How Do You Install a Blind Spot Mirror?

To install a blind spot mirror, simply attach it to the existing mirror or rear-view mirror at the proper height and angle. To simplify the process, choose a mirror that has adhesive on the back of the mirror.

  1. Buy the best blind spot mirror

    Select which mirror is best for the shape and size of your car. If you buy a mirror without adhesive, you will also need to purchase rear-view mirror glue.

  2. Clean the existing mirror

    Clean the surface of the area of the mirror that the blind spot mirror will adhere to.

  3. Place the mirror

    Placing the blind spot mirror at the optimum angle is the most important part of the installation. Doing some dry-fitting prior to adhering the mirror can be beneficial. Proper placement will ensure that as much of the blind spot is eliminated as possible. Depending on the shape of the mirror and vehicle, placement will vary slightly, but the lower outside corner is generally the best place.

  4. Adhere the mirror

    After finding the best place for the mirror, remove the paper backing on the self-adhering mirror or coat the back of the mirror with the rear-view mirror glue and place in the optimum position.