How Do You Install an Automobile Remote Starter?

How Do You Install an Automobile Remote Starter?

To install an automobile remote starter, identify the wires to be connected to the vehicle and solder them to the vehicle's wiring harness. Then, connect the ground wire, place the antenna appropriately and route its wire to the starter. Finally, program the remote starter as per instructions.

Normally, the wires to be connected to the vehicle include that of the ignition, fuel injector, starter, parking light, brake, heater and the 12V positive wire. Depending on the starter type, some additional wires to be connected include that of the security, trunk release mechanism and power lock.

Before connecting the wires, test them using a multi-meter or an ohm meter. Identify the place where the starter is to be mounted and ensure that the wires are adequately long. If required, lengthen the wiring.

Then, strip approximately one inch of insulation from the wires using a wire stripper. Solder the starter's wires to the corresponding ones in the wiring harness of the vehicle, and insulate the connections. Access the wiring in the under hood using a factory grommet.

Next, remove a small area of paint from the vehicle's kick panel, and affix the ground wire by using a self-tapping screw and ring terminal. Place the antenna on the vehicle's windshield, and connect its wire to the starter.

Program the starter, and check the installation by starting the car and allowing it to idle for the programmed time. If the installation is proper, attach the remote starter to the vehicle using wire ties.