How Do You Install an Air Compressor?


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To install a car air compressor, take the vehicle to an authorized Freon collection authority to have the air conditioning system evacuated. Ensure the Freon is not vented into the atmosphere before using a fresh coolant to refresh the lubricants. Rotate the positive terminal counter clockwise to detach the battery, and then put the terminals aside.

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Gently push on the tension pulley arm before sliding the belt from the idle pulley to disconnect the belt from the compressor’s pulley wheel. Plug out the belt from the pulley wheel of the grooved compressor. Rotate the movable bolts on the compressor mount clockwise until the compressor can move smoothly to release the tension on the belt.

Pull the adaptor plug from the terminal on the compressor to detach the compressor from the wiring harness. Turn the line bolts counter clockwise to plug out the Freon lines. Move the mounting bolts counter clockwise to disengage the compressor, and manipulate the unit from the mount arms.

Change the compressor by fitting it into the mount arms, and gently secure the mount bolts. Attach the Freon lines by rotating their line bolts clockwise, and then change the drive belt on the compressor pulley wheel. Press the adapter plug into the terminal to reattach the wiring harness, and reconnect the battery appropriately. Use the Freon kit to refill the air conditioning system.

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