How Do You Install an Aftermarket Stereo in a Dodge Ram?


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To install an aftermarket stereo in a Dodge Ram, remove the front dash bezel, unscrew the stereo mounts, disconnect the stereo wiring, remove the old stereo, and install the new stereo. Aftermarket stereos may vary in mounting and wiring configurations.

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Disconnect the negative connection to the car battery before beginning. Remove the cup holders, plastic tray and rubber liners from the center console on the driver's side. Unscrew the three screws holding the console to the floor, and lift it out of the way. If the vehicle is a standard transmission, remove the boot around the shifter.

The bezel is the center portion of the dash that surrounds the section containing the stereo. Remove the vertical trim piece under the center bezel by pulling it down and out. Locate and remove the two screws under the center bezel. Turn the vents to one side, and pull gently around the outside being careful not to break the plastic clips that hold it in place.

With the bezel removed, unscrew the stereo mounts and disconnect the wiring. Depending on the new stereo model, you may need adapters for the wiring harness or mount. These adapters are usually available at most car stereo stores.

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