How Do You Install an Actuator?

How Do You Install an Actuator?

To install an actuator, disconnect the battery, remove the door panel, install the power lock rod, drill holes, fasten the actuator in place, and plug in electrical connections to the actuator. Turn on the ignition, and test the installation before reassembling the door. You need an actuator kit, a 4-in-1 screwdriver and a socket wrench to complete the project.

Disconnect the negative cable of the battery to avoid electric shock. Unfasten the door pull panel from the door. Carefully remove the water shield, and lay it on a flat surface. Unscrew the door panel, remove any clips, and pry loose the panel.

Drill a hole close to the original lock rod if you want to install the power lock rod on the actuator lever. The hole should be of the same size as the clip holding the lock rod in place. Push the retaining clip into the hole, and install the lock rod, shifting it up and down to see if it is working properly. Drill two holes on a flat area next to the lock rod, and secure the power actuator to the door with screws.

Couple the lock rod to the lock assembly and actuator. Attach electrical connections to the underside of the actuator, carefully clipping the wiring harness to the door frame.

Reconnect the negative cable of the battery, turn on the ignition, and test your work. If the actuator is working properly, disconnect the battery, mount the rocker switch, and reinstall the water shield and the door panel. Screw the door pull panel in place, and reconnect the battery.