How Do You Install a 12-Volt Deep Cycle RV Battery?


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Before you can install a new 12-volt deep cycle RV battery, you must first remove the old battery. The negative clamp should be unscrewed first to avoid short circuits. In RVs, the negative terminal is the white-colored one, while the black terminal is the positive one. RVs typically have two batteries, so remember to remove the negative clamps of each first. Even if you are replacing only one battery, you still have to remove the clamps on both batteries.

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With the old batteries removed, place the new batteries. Connect the batteries in parallel to each other, with both positive terminals on one side and negative terminals on the other. When reattaching the clamps, do the positive terminals first. Connect the two positive posts with charger wire, and then tighten the clamps. Repeat the same process for the negative posts. If you need to replace the charger wire, make sure to use the same gauge as the old wires or larger.

To enhance the new battery's longevity and safety, it is important to ensure that there's adequate air circulation around the battery. Otherwise, hydrogen can build up, which can be very dangerous because this can cause the battery to ignite and explode. If you are not sure that air circulation around the battery is enough, consult a professional RV technician.

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