How Do You Inspect a Mobile Home's Electrical Wiring?


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The general method of inspecting mobile home's electrical wiring is to start from the point that works correctly and move forward steadily until you can localize the problem area or confirm that there are no problems. You need a tester and an electrical layout for your mobile home model to perform the inspection.

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How Do You Inspect a Mobile Home's Electrical Wiring?
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Reading a layout is easier knowing that mobile home electrical systems have the same design and same codes as electrical systems in built homes. If you do not have printed layout, you can download one from the website of your mobile home's manufacturer.

Before working directly with wires, switch off all circuit breakers and use a tester to check the power. If you plan to inspect a used mobile home, be aware that sometimes owners cut wires without capping them. These wires might be live, so you must be extremely cautious with them.

Make sure electrical equipment has appropriate wiring, including switches attached to proper conductors. Another common problem is the exterior electrical panel; if it does not have proper protection from weather, you may discover wires damaged by rain or snow. Finally, check if the ground fault circuit interrupter works correctly.

You must start a wiring inspection at least four hours before dark, as completing this work in the dark can be difficult and inadvisable.

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