What Information Is Typically Asked for on a Driver's License Application Form?


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While driver's license requirements vary somewhat between states, most request that an applicant provide her name, date of birth, address, Social Security number, and some proof of both state residency and U.S. citizenship or naturalization. Most states also require male applicants under age 26 to provide proof that they are registered with the Selective Service Administration, or to register with the administration while applying for their license.

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Most states also require information about the applicant's medical status and driving history. The Department of Motor Vehicles uses this information to determine if the person is physically and psychologically capable of driving a motor vehicle and if the individual is legally authorized to do so.

In addition to providing the information on the application itself, most states also require official documentation proving the applicant is a legal resident of the state and someone legally allowed to possess a driver's license in the United States. For U.S. citizens, a birth certificate or passport is usually sufficient to prove citizenship. For resident aliens, temporary residents and other resident non-citizens, most states require official proof of the individual's permission to remain in the country.

Proving state residency is usually much easier. Items such as pay stubs, utility bills or tax records are often enough to satisfy state residency requirements.

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