How Do You Find Information Regarding the Previous Owner of a Vehicle?


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A vehicle history report provides previous ownership information of a car, truck, or boat. In a vehicle history report, the vehicle identification number, or VIN, is used to collect all the information of the vehicle.

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The VIN is engraved on the firewall, engine and chassis. This number is vital to find out the history of a vehicle. Vehicle history reports can be purchased or are sometimes available free to the public.

The information found on a vehicle history report includes:

  • Past ownership
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Title issues
  • Vehicle liens
  • Water damage
  • Accident history

When purchasing a vehicle many sellers will have a vehicle history report available for the public. If that option is not available at hand, there are online databases that house vehicle history information. Typing the VIN into the search engine will yield free results with general information, such as customer complaints or vehicle recalls.

For more in depth reports, including the information listed above, payment is required. Price per vehicle history report varies depending on the reliability of the information. The reports are also available in batches, which is a commonly used option by car buyers, to help keep the cost per report down.

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