What Information Is Recorded on a Vehicle Maintenance Form?


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Vehicle maintenance forms record information such as daily reports from commercial carriers and signed copies of relevant forms following a roadside inspection. The exact amount of forms and information required of them varies from state to state. These forms must be in accordance with both state regulations and federal laws and guidelines that govern how long each form is kept.

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One vehicle maintenance form required by the State of Ohio is the Driver’s Post-Trip Vehicle Inspection Report form. Also known as a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report, this form records the specific condition of the vehicle driven and any vehicles towed by the driven vehicle. This allows the commercial vehicle mechanic to fix any problems the driver encountered on his last trip before he takes the vehicle back out.

Another vehicle maintenance form required by the State of Ohio is the Vehicle Inspection, Repair and Maintenance Record form. This form records the make, year, serial number, vehicle number and tire size of the vehicle, as well as the name of its owner if it is not owned by the driver. The form primarily records any important inspections, repairs or maintenance overhauls and their relevant dates. Ohio requires each of these forms to be kept for a minimum of one year at the place that leases or maintains the vehicle.

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