What Information Is Provided on a Strut Diagram?


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Strut diagrams give a pictorial description of a strut's assembly, including a breakdown of individual components. The diagrams usually have one picture of the fully assembled strut, as well as a second picture that shows numbered, individual parts and where they fit into the assembled strut. Depending on the type of strut and whether it is rear or front, these diagrams include the cover, snap ring, shim and cotter pin. They also show bolts, joints, washers and spacers.

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Most strut diagrams show the strut mounts, knuckles, bushings and shock absorbers, if present. Some strut diagrams also include detailed assembly instructions and torque specifications. Others give a breakdown of each part, with separate diagrams and assembly instructions. Though most strut diagrams are simple, numbered sketches, some include a picture of the part itself, labelled for additional clarity.

Some more detailed diagrams also show a picture of the strut in its assembled environment, such as a car, clarifying how the strut is used and where it is placed. Occasionally a strut diagram also describes the use and function of each part on the diagram, though usually the parts are just numbered, with a number corresponding to a label on the side of the diagram.

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