What Information Is in the Official Florida Driver's Handbook?

The official 2014 Florida Driver's Handbook contains information about who does and does not need a driver's license, testing and restriction and endorsement codes. Identification, physical, age and mental requirements are also covered in the handbook. The handbook also lists current fees for services, including obtaining the initial license, replacing a missing license, and written and driving reexamination fees. Distracted driving, defensive driving, emotions, night driving and parking are additional topics covered in the Florida Driver's Handbook.

The handbook details the point system, red light camera infractions, driving while under the influence, Florida motor vehicle laws and the zero tolerance policy. The handbook also lists the mandated reasons a license is revoked, which include driving under the influence, three cases of reckless driving in one year, a felony drug possession conviction, an immoral act in which a vehicle was used and lying about the ownership or operation of a vehicle.

Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles contact information is also available in the driver's handbook. In addition, the handbook includes information about how to order crash reports and driving transcripts, and it offers details about online license and motor vehicle checks. Important website addresses, including the Florida Clerks of Court, Florida Department of Transportation and the Florida Tax Collector Association, are also listed in the handbook.