What Information Is on the Nissan Philippines Website?

What Information Is on the Nissan Philippines Website?

The Nissan Philippines site has information such as photos and details about its cars, buying options, advice on how to take care of the cars, and pages on technology and design. The website also provides news about the Nissan GT Academy.

The home page of the website provides the latest news from the company, with photos and articles. The site has four top menu choices: Vehicles, Buying, Owning and Innovation.

On clicking the Vehicles tab, large thumbnail images of the company's cars are displayed. Users may click on one of the cars to get more information about it. The following page has information, such as the price and power of the different versions of the car. It presents details about the design, style, performance and safety features of the car. This page also has a map where users can find the locations of dealers that sell the chosen car.

The Buying tab has a map which shows all the dealer locations. Users can request a test drive for a particular car model and can also order car parts online.

The Owning tab has tips on fuel efficiency and car care, along with information about defensive driving, services, warranties and operating costs.

The Innovation tab has details about the quality of Nissan cars and the technology the company uses. Users can also have a look at Nissan's heritage collection. Additional information about the GT Academy is also provided.