What Information Is Needed to Purchase Wheels for a Car or Truck?


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When purchasing new tires and rims for a car or truck, buyers need to know the manufacturer-specified wheel rim dimensions, including the tire width and diameter. Buyers also need to the know the offset, bolt pattern and hub center bore for the rims.

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What Information Is Needed to Purchase Wheels for a Car or Truck?
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New wheels for a car or truck consist of two main components: the tire and the rim. The tire is the rubber outer layer that touches the ground, while the rim is the metal component that attaches to the car's axles and holds the tire in place. Each element of the wheel depends on the other for the car to function properly. Buyers need to size rims and tires correctly to ensure that they fit snugly together without one causing the other to break or fall off. The order in which to purchase these items depends on the driver's specific preferences.

For example, if the driver wants to buy a specific set of rims and has already measured the diameter and bolt pattern to make sure that they are compatible with the car, the drive can then purchase new tires that fit on those rims. Alternatively, if the driver already has a set of tires, she needs to locate rims that work with those tires.

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