What Information Is Needed to Purchase a Used Dodge Coupe?


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When purchasing a used car, such as a Dodge coupe, the buyer will need to sign and receive the vehicle title with the date of sale, odometer reading and a sales price, as well as a bill of sale, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles website. The buyer may need to supply car insurance information if they plan on using the information on the newly-purchased vehicle.

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The information needed when buying a used Dodge coupe is different based on whether the vehicle is being bought by a licensed retailer of from a private party. Some states require forms such as a bill of sale, while others do not. When purchasing a used vehicle, it is important to inspect the vehicle closely to make sure it is in the same condition that the title suggests and the seller advertises. Check the interior, dash lights, suspension, instruments and controls, then take the vehicle for a test drive before purchasing it.

To locate used Dodge coupes that are being sold by reputable Dodge retailers, use the "Dealers and Vehicles" locator application on the Dodge website. Search for a specific vehicle or simply enter a location, and the application will locate dealers nearby that sell used Dodge coupes.

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