What Information Is Needed to Fill Out a Vehicle Registration Form?


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The information vehicle owners need in order to fill out a vehicle registration forms may include the vehicle identification number, proof of ownership and proof of insurance. However, the information required may vary from one state to the next. The state motor vehicle agency can provide information to vehicle owners about what information is required on the registration form.

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At the time of registration, vehicle owners may need to pay registration and other fees, such as state sales tax. Some states, such as New York, may require owners to submit a separate state sales tax form. Other states may require proof that the vehicle has passed an emissions test or smog check. When the state motor vehicle agency approves the registration form, the owner will receive license plates and a registration certificate.

Vehicle owners must renew the registration every year or two, depending on the state law. States issue validation stickers that owners must display on their cars. The location on the car for the validation stickers varies depending on the state. In some states, owners must place the sticker on the windshield, while other states may require owners to attach a sticker to the license plate. These stickers allow law enforcement to verify easily that a vehicle's registration is up-to-date.

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