What Information Do You Need to Complete a Form 130-U Application for Texas Title?

The 130-U application for Texas title requires information about the vehicle being titled, such as the vehicle identification number, or VIN, year, make and model. The application also requires information about the owner of the vehicle, such as full legal name, mailing address, county of residence and previous owner's name.

The application, available in the forms section of TXDMV.gov, also requires vehicle information, such as body style, major and minor colors, plate number, odometer reading and empty weight. Other driver information that the form requires is the applicant type, such as individual, business, government agency, trust or non-profit. For individuals, the form requires a photo ID number and designation of the type of ID. For businesses and other non-individual entities, the form requires a Federal Employer Identification Number or Employer Identification Number.

In the case that the vehicle has a lien, the form requires lien information, such as first lien date, lienholder name, certified lienholder ID number, and lienholder mailing address. The form also calls for the sales price of the vehicle, trade-in amount, if any, and sales tax calculation. If a vehicle is traded in, the form requires the VIN, year, and make of the trade-in vehicle. To complete, the form requires the signatures of the seller(s) and the applicant/owner(s) certifying that all statements in the document are true and correct.