What Information Is Included on Vehicle Recall Notices?


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Information included on vehicle recall notices includes the type of problem, the risk posed by the problem, the description of the remedy and how to have the problem corrected. Other information includes the availability of the remedy, the duration of the corrections and whom to contact in case of a problem in accessing the free recall work.

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A vehicle recall notice contains information on the existence of a defect. The defect description contains the specific parts having the defect and the effects of the defect on the performance of the vehicle. The notice contains an evaluation of the risks posed by the defects. This explains the potential safety hazards facing the driver and vehicle occupants if the problem is not corrected. It also gives the types of injuries that can be caused by the defect.

A vehicle recall notice provides the potential warning signs associated with a vehicle problem. It gives information on how the manufacturer plans to correct the problem. It also gives a brief description of the remedy and how it will affect the vehicle. The notice instructs the consumer on the date when the corrections will be made and gives the location of the dealer and the duration of the corrections.

A vehicle recall notice informs consumers that the vehicle remedies are free. It gives the names and addresses of the contact person if a problem arises when obtaining the free remedy work. The notice has a description of what the customer can do if the problem is not corrected within the stipulated time and provides information on the obligation of the customer and the dealer and limitations of the free recall.

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