What Information Is Included in a Good Car Engine Diagram?


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A good car engine diagram should indicate the basic engine parts. It should also contain information about how the engine works. Different car engine configurations have varying advantages and disadvantages that determine the manufacturing cost, shape and smoothness characteristics.

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A car engine has several key parts. The spark plug ignites the fuel/air mixture for combustion to occur by supplying the spark. For things to work properly, the spark happens at the right moment.

The pistons are cylindrical metal pieces that move up-and-down in the cylinder. Piston rings are between the inner edge of the cylinder and the outer edge of the piston. They prevent oil from leaking into the combustion area from the sump. They also prevent the exhaust and air/fuel mixture from leaking into the sump from the combustion chamber during combustion and compression.

The exhaust and intake valves open at the right time to let out the exhaust and let in fuel and air. During combustion and compression, both valves close to seal the combustion chamber. The crankshaft converts the pistons’ up-and-down motion into circular motion. The connecting rod joins the crankshaft to the piston. It rotates at both ends such that its angle changes as the piston moves. This rotates the crankshaft. The sump surrounds the crankshaft and contains oil that collects at the bottom.

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