What Information Is Included in a DMV Record?

What Information Is Included in a DMV Record?

A DMV record typically includes a history of the driver’s suspensions, violations and other details. It also has the driver’s personal information including age, name and address.

The DMV record includes details about the driver’s traffic violations and tickets, including those issued for Driving Under the Influence. It also includes information about the status of the driver’s license, including whether it has ever been revoked, cancelled or suspended. In addition, it shows whether the driver owes any license reinstatement fees.

The DMV record displays the driver’s accumulated driving record points. Drivers get a point for every driving-related offense. Many violations remain on the driver’s record for either three or 10 years. In California, minor traffic violations, car accidents, license suspensions and faulty equipment stay on DMV records for three years. Reckless driving and Driving Under the Influence are examples of offenses that are worth two points and stay longer on DMV records.

The DMV record contains personal information associated with the driver’s license. Examples include name, address, Social Security number and age.

The DMV in California provides two types of records. The unofficial copy is available online. Individuals can request the official copy in person or by mail.

Drivers can obtain copies of their DMV records for personal reasons. Third parties, such as employers, attorneys and insurance companies, can also request copies of DMV records.