What Information Is Included on a Car Mileage Chart?

What Information Is Included on a Car Mileage Chart?

Some of the items listed on a car mileage chart include travel date and time logs, travel destination and purpose, odometer readings at start and end of trip, total mileage, cost per mile, total mileage cost and refuel dates. This chart helps people track and manage travel expenses and allowances.

For a company car especially, both business and private trips need to be recorded and the mileage logged to manage travel costs. Business travelers should record every trip the car makes on the car mileage chart, including the user, date and time of trip.

Departure and arrival destinations are recorded to corroborate the total mileage recorded for each trip. For more accurate mileage records, employees should log the odometer readings per destination, as opposed to per return trip.

Cost per mile is determined by the car’s fuel consumption per mile, while the total mileage cost is the total mileage covered multiplied by the mileage cost.

Car mileage charts also indicate refueling dates and the amount of fuel added. If an employee logs the mileage and the cost per mile accurately, there should be minimal discrepancies between the fuel consumed and the records.

Car mileage charts are also used to calculate mileage allowance for employees who use their own cars for business trips and tax reliefs for business travel, as noted by Price Waterhouse Coopers.