What Information Is Included in an Automotive Labor Time Guide?


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Automotive labor time guides include estimated labor times for service to different types of vehicles. The estimation is derived from the average of how long it takes a new mechanic to perform a task versus time spent by a seasoned mechanic. The guide also highlights additional procedures that may be needed in order to provide the customer with a realistic expectation of both time and cost of a vehicle repair.

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Although automotive labor time guides are still in print, they have also been digitalized into databases such as the Real-Time Labor Guide. This program offers labor times for vehicles. It comes with the added benefit of personalization, as charges can be added, as well as a customizable labor rate. Auto body shops are able to immediately print estimates featuring their logo and information, and specialized, packaged jobs can be entered directly into the database for future reference. Programs like the Real-Time Labor Guide also offer multiple estimates at once to address different scenarios and account for any adjustment in procedure needed during the repair.

Online repair quotes such as those issued at Auto MD's website are available to use when choosing a mechanic. The website links with multiple garages across 40 states, and these garages provide accurate information concerning labor time and costs based on their labor rate, the industry's standard time frame for the task and the price of brand new parts.

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