What Information Can You Get From a Free HIN Report?

What Information Can You Get From a Free HIN Report?

Free hull identification number reports from BoatHistories.com provide verification that the number corresponds to the boat and equipment, basic boat specifications and manufacturing information, and the number of Coast Guard-related incidents involving the watercraft. They do not provide detailed information on the incidents, accidents, service or other boat issues. More detailed reports are available for a fee from websites such as BoatFax.com, BoatHistoryReport.com and MarineTitle.com.

Most of the pay report sites offer free hull identification number checks as well. The cost of the in-depth boat reports depends on the provider with many of the companies offering memberships instead of single report purchase options, as of 2015.

BoatHistoryReports.com reports include information about whether a boat has been damaged or involved in significant or catastrophic events, including accidents, recalls, salvage, hurricanes or seizures.

MarineTitle.com connects users with reports from major industry databases including boat auctions, stolen vessels, lien claims, boating accidents, and casualty and pollution report lists. It also includes state, federal and foreign title information. The company offers memberships ranging from 30 days to one year.

BoatFax.com has watercraft history reports and allows registered users to buy or sell boats on the website for free. The company offers mobile apps for hull identification number validation and boat valuation for both Android and iPhone devices.