What Is Some Information About a 1967 Sunbeam Tiger?


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The 1967 Sunbeam Tiger MKII is a two-seater British convertible sportscar powered by a 289-cubic-inch Ford small-block V8 engine. The Tiger is based on the Sunbeam Alpine sports car but features a much more powerful engine.

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The Sunbeam Tiger initially debuted in 1965 using a 164-horsepower, 260-cubic-inch Ford V8. The addition of this more powerful engine to the company's existing Alpine chassis was largely inspired by Carroll Shelby's insertion of a big-block V8 into the similar AC Cobra sports car to create the Shelby Cobra, and Carroll Shelby actually constructed one of the original Tiger prototypes for Sunbeam. The 1967 MKII was then upgraded to the larger 200-horsepower engine, making it the most powerful Sunbeam Tiger produced. The MKII was also the last and rarest version of the Sunbeam Tiger produced, as Sunbeam only produced 800 of them. The Chrysler automobile group purchased Sunbeam in 1967 and discontinued the project due to the lack of a powerful Chrysler engine that was also small enough to fit in the Alpine chassis.

The MKII Sunbeam Tiger powers the rear wheels of the car through a four-speed manual transmission with wider gear ratios than previous models. An egg-crate grille also distinguishes the MKII visually from earlier Sunbeam Tigers. Coil springs were standard for the front suspension, while the rear uses a solid-axle design with leaf springs. The curb weight of the MKII is 2,565 pounds.

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