What Is Some Information About the 1958 Model of the Plymouth Fury?


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The 1958 model of the Fury is a two-door vehicle with a hardtop manufactured by Plymouth. In the year of its release, the base price was $3,032, making it Plymouth's most expensive model for 1958. Production of the 1958 Fury cars was limited to only 5,308. Like the models of the previous two years, the 1958 Fury has a powerful V-8 engine and cosmetic gold features on the exterior and interior.

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In 1982, author Stephen King featured the 1958 Fury in his novel, "Christine." The following year, a horror movie of the novel was released. Both featured the 1958 Fury as the diabolical car that tormented its owner, a high school student. Though the car featured in "Christine" is bright red with white contrast, the 1958 model of the Fury only was available as a limited-edition Buckskin beige.

The car's exterior features "Sport Tone" moldings, gold-anodized aluminum inserts and Belvedere side trim, which included a full-length horizontal molding that slants from headlamp level toward the back fender, where it then angles up toward the top of the rear fin. The vehicle has Fury rear fender nameplates, bumper wing guards, dual outside rearview mirrors and back-up lights. The 1958 Fury's interior is padded, with both front and rear foam seats.

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