What is an induction kit?


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An induction kit is an aftermarket air filter that is meant to replace a vehicle's factory air box. This is done because the factory air box is designed to reduce noise pollution and, as such, is designed to be restrictive, which causes turbulence in the airflow entering the engine and reduces overall power. The induction kit's air filter has a larger surface area to help improve flow.

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Air induction kits are typically fitted by car enthusiasts in order to improve performance and alter the noise of their vehicle. Since the kit is less restrictive, the engine's natural roar as it intakes air becomes more pronounced. Induction kits do come with their own downsides. Since the air filter is housed in the engine bay, much of the air ingested is warm and contains less oxygen. This, by effect, reduces the amount of fuel consumed by the engine, and also limits overall power. The loss of power is typically in the low end of an engine's RPM range, while in the high RPM ranges the benefits of the improved airflow overcome the drawbacks and the vehicle's power is improved. Fitting a cold feed pipe or redirecting the air filter, as cold air intake kits do, allows the engine to ingest cold air instead.

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