How Do You Increase the Sale Value of a Used 3-Wheeler?

To increase the sale value of a used three-wheeler, tune up the engine, clean the exterior and gather proof of regular maintenance. Replace any small broken parts, and remove any add-ons that don't work correctly. According to Outdoor Life, it can also be useful to mention in the ad that the three-wheeler was well-maintained, stored in a protected area or ridden primarily by a mature, responsible driver.

When selling a three-wheeler, increase the sale price by providing evidence of care and maintenance. If service records from a dealership or mechanic are not available, write down the dates of each fluid replacement or tune-up. Provide information about the fluids and methods used.

Cleaning the exterior of the three-wheeler makes a strong impression, both in photos and in person. Wipe down the seat and frame, fix any tears in the upholstery and clean up any oil spills.

Before listing a three-wheeler, fix any small problems with the bike. Replace the oil, siphon out old gas and replace all of the fluids. Fix inexpensive problems. If the three-wheeler has a winch, test it; if it runs poorly, remove it from the bike. This step prevents the impression that the bike has been treated roughly and winched out of tough spots.