How Do You Increase a Car Engine's Performance?


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Some ways you can improve a car engine’s performance include reducing the weight of the car, increasing the cold air intake and improving the quality of air flowing into the engine. In vehicles with on-board computer systems, install computer performance chips to override the factory settings that regulate engine performance.

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The amount and quality of air flowing into the engine to maintain combustion greatly affect engine performance. To improve air quality, replace the standard issued air filter with a higher-quality, aftermarket filter. High-quality filters are made of fabric and are more efficient at removing impurities that clog the engine and dampen performance.

Air temperature also affects engine performance. Cold air is dense and contains more oxygen than warm air. The higher oxygen content improves the combustion in the engine. To improve your car’s air temperature regulation, install a cold air intake kit.

Reducing the overall weight of the vehicle increases the engine’s ability to reach higher speeds at a faster rate. You can lighten the weight of your car by replacing many of the parts with lighter or more aerodynamic ones. Replacement options for decreasing the weight of your car include replacing glass windows with acrylic ones, replacing traditional brakes with disc brakes and removing extra seats.

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