What Is Included in a Typical Motocross Dirt Bike Race?


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Motocross races occur on dirt courses that include both natural and artificial terrain that creates bumps, jumps and hairpin turns. It includes classes for machines that range from 50cc to over 450cc.

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Motocross races involve two motos, or races, in each class. Judges combine the scores from each moto for the final placing. Some of the major motocross competitions across the world include the FIM Motocross World Championship, the AMA Motocross Championship, Motocross des Nations and the British Motocross Championship. Depending on the level of competition and the course, riders of all skill levels and ages can enjoy motocross.

Several other similar sports have their roots in motocross. Freestyle motocross uses similar equipment and terrain but focuses on the participants performing acrobatic stunts rather than racing. A panel of judges chooses the winner of this event. Supermoto features customized bikes designed to drive on both dirt tracks and pavement. Riders race these bikes on long tracks that include both surfaces and may include jumps and ramps like standard motocross. ATV or Quad Motocross is similar but uses four-wheeled ATVs rather than motorcycles. Supercross is a version of motocross that includes shorter straights, tighter turns, and steeper jumps and obstacles contained in the more limited space of an indoor arena.

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