What Is Included in a Typical Brake Job?


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A typical complete brake job usually includes new front and rear linings, resurfacing of rotors and drums, and replacing drum hardware, caliper bushings and sleeves. The brake fluid is tested and flushed if necessary, the wheel bearings are inspected, and critical areas such as caliper slides are lubricated.

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In general, brake jobs start with a visual inspection of the brake system. In this inspection, front and rear lining thickness is measured, the condition on lines, hoses and calipers is checked, and pedals are checked for feel and wear. The anti-lock braking system is also analyzed; warning lights signal that a fault needs to be looked into. To do this, a scan tool is used to read a vehicle's trouble codes.

After the inspection, determinations are made on what repairs to make. Sometimes calipers and wheel cylinders need to be completely replaced, while other times brake hoses or the master cylinder needs replacing. Wheel bearings may need to be repacked after inspection. In terms of lubrication, other areas such as shoe pads may receive it. The parking brake is also typically checked and adjusted, while rotors are replaced if they are cracked or severely corroded. Unless something isn't working properly, the ABS system is usually left fully intact.

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