What Is Included in the Mercedes B Service?

What Is Included in the Mercedes B Service?

Changing engine oil and filters, rotating tires and checking major components for leakage are included in the Mercedes B service. The service also includes lubricating and inspecting throttle linkage.

The Mercedes B service includes many tasks such as windshield wiper insert replacements and tire pressure and wear inspections. The service includes parking brake and steering play checks for functionality. In addition, it includes exterior and headlamp, horn, warning and indicator lamps examinations. Under the Mercedes B Service, technicians check washer systems and windshield/headlamp wiper for performance and fluid levels.

The Mercedes B service includes checking seat belts for proper functionality. For S-Class, it also includes inspecting the backrest lock.

Another task is the complete tire inspection, including the spare ones, for pressure and condition.

For all CLK, SLK, C-Class and E-Class models, as well as SL-Class and S-Class models without the active charcoal filter, the B service also includes dust filter replacement, resetting the car’s FSS counter and checking for chafe marks.

During Mercedes B service, drivers also get the rubber boots, front axle ball joints and Poly-V-belts inspected.

The Mercedes B service is also known as Flex B or Schedule B. Drivers need to perform Service B when their vehicles’ service indicator systems alert them that it is necessary. Usually, drivers receive alerts at 20,000-mile intervals.